About the Site Author

If you have been drawn to this site then you may be like me: Pagan clergy seeking resources and discussion with other clergy.

If so, you are in the right place.

If not, stick around anyway.

The Author

Photo of the AuthorMy name is Deoin Cleveland. I am a Southern California native, seminarian, religious studies student, and Pagan minister. My personal practice is as a Contemporary Pagan (primarily working within Graeco-Roman systems as well as Wiccan and Neopagan cultural celebrations) and Ceremonial Occultist.

I have engaged in coven work and small group work (what other faiths might call small group ministry) within the Pagan community for 20 years, and have been privileged to help small groups of Pagans explore their practice and grow with their gods. My primary ministry is in advising solitary practitioners of all Pagan traditions and in guiding spiritual practitioners who are unaffiliated with Paganism but practice New Age and Pagan-adjacent spiritualities (see Ministerial Philosophy page).

My academic training in group and individual ministry comes through Cherry Hill Seminary, a Pagan-focused seminary headquartered in South Carolina, where I earned my Certificate in Community Ministry (CMC) and am currently a graduate student working towards my Master of Divinity (MDiv) in Ministry, Advocacy, and Leadership. In adition I am a student of Religious Studies through California State University at Long Beach, as well as a member of the American Academy of Religion.

I am ordained a Cleric in the College of Clergy with Sacred Well Congregation International, an international earth-centered church [501(c)3 Section 170b1Ai Church or Association of Churches] with congregations, open circles, covens, study groups, and at-large ministers dispersed among thirteen countries and twenty-seven U.S. states, and recognized by the United States Department of American Academy of ReligionVeterans Affairs as an official Ecclesiastical Endorsing Organization. I have the current honor of serving Sacred Well Congregation on the Board of Deacons, working to mentor newly ordained or provisional Deacons.

What is this site?

(Expanded on Mission page)

This site was created as a resource for other Pagan clergy members, priests, ministers, and other leaders serving their groups and communities. During my studies at Cherry Hill I am constantly looking for resources discussing Pagan focused ministry and seminary and find these are few and far between. Our community has a plethora of blogs, podcasts, books, and websites dedicated to the study of magic, Pagan practices, Pagan news, and discussion for practitioners of Paganism in general, yet the resources for leaders, teachers, elders, and others engaging in Pagan spiritual care are less prolific.

This site will be a compilation of my own seminary notes, conversations with other Pagans engaging in leadership and ministry, articles of import to clergy and theologians, and academic and experiential conversations of Pagan philosophy and practice.

Among these will feature discussions about group dynamics, clergy responsibility, Pagan theology, liturgy development, and many other necessary elements of guiding Pagan practitioners to a healthy mature expression of their spiritual paths and connection with the divine.

Call to Action

If you are a member of Pagan clergy, whether as Wiccan high priest, ordained Druid, officiant, Pagan coven leader, pastoral caregiver, or minister, I hope you will join me in engaging in academic, experiential, professional conversation meant to support and benefit our community of leaders and our Pagan community as a whole.

As was best said by a good friend of mine ordained into the Western Mystery Tradition and currently a Candidate for Ministry interning as a summer minister with the Unitarian Universalist church:

“Ministry is lonely. We need each other.”

-Joan DeArtemis, MDiv


Reverend Deoin Cleveland, CMC, Sacred Well Congregation

Pagan Minister