Pagan Minister: A site by Pagan clergy for Pagan clergy

Statement of Purpose

“The Pagan Minister” has been created as a resource for Pagan clergymembers serving their groups and communities.

Clergy resources for Pagans are fewer and farther between than one would hope. While Pagan laity has a plentiful abundance of 101 guides, news, books, discussions, etc, these tend to focus on personal practice or specifically on magickal/cultural instruction. Finding resources which focus instead upon the instructors, spiritual caregivers, theologians, and group leaders has been a traditionally harder task.

Where do Pagan clergy turn for aid, connection, discussion, and guidance? 

This site will be a compilation of the author’s seminary notes, practical advise, musings, conversations with other Pagans engaging in leadership and ministry, articles of import to clergymembers and theologians, and academic and experiential conversations of Pagan philosophy and practice.

Here you will find discussions about group dynamics, clergy responsibility, Pagan theology, liturgy development, and many other necessary elements of guiding Pagan practitioners to a healthy mature expression of their connection with the divine.

In the future, I hope to make this site into a place where Pagan clergy can go for resource recommendations, organizational tips, teaching curriculums, pagan theological discourses, and more. Soon we will launch a podcast focused on clergy discussion, and in the future we may even launch a forum for clergymembers to come together if there is a demand.


While studying for my CMC (more in the About Me page) I was constantly looking around for resources. Podcasts to listen to, blogs to read, youtube videos, anything by and for other Pagan seminary students or specifically gear toward Pagan clergy. Unfortunately, while finding podcasts or videos focused on magick for the beginner or blogs discussing specific Pagan community issues was a simple task, finding anything with the Pagan clergymember or student of Pagan theology in mind was far more difficult.

Where I come from we have a saying:

“If you are looking for something and you can’t find it then it’s your job to make it happen.”

This is my attempt to make it happen.

This site will be messy, and will be in progress often. But I hope it provides at least one Pagan clergymember with a resource they didn’t have before.
I hope you’ll join me on this journey.


Rev. Deoin Cleveland, CMC, Pagan Minister